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How is the furniture assembly process? Sauder furniture is relatively simple to assemble, but it can be time consuming. Assembly times can vary, with some models taking around an hour and others taking several hours.

What is required to assemble Sauder furniture?  For most items, all that is required for assembly is a #2 Phillips screwdriver and a hammer. Some items may require other tools such as a flat/slotted screwdriver, a tape measure, or an adjustable wrench. Although it may prove helpful during assembly of larger items, using a power screwdriver could cause damage to your furniture if screws are over-tightened.

Is there a warranty?  All furniture is covered by a manufacturer's warranty. Sauder and Studio Edge brand furniture is covered under a 5-year warranty, from the original date of purchase. Gruga brand furniture is covered under a 2-year warranty. Steadfast and Beginnings brand furniture are covered under a 1-year warranty.

What does the warranty include?  The Sauder manufacturer's warranty protects the original purchaser of a Sauder furniture piece against defects in all furniture components. If a component proves defective within the term of the warranty, Sauder will furnish a replacement component at no cost. No assembly or labor included. Please visit for more information.